Azure Badge (st1)

Commission Sketches for Kouta Oni. 
I shall color the other two she didn't pick to make some cards :3~ Can't say I'm kinda proud of it XD.

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  1. Acho q vou pegar dois XD o primeiro e o segundo da esquerda pra direita XDDD

  2. Hey, Pilgrim! Duckliny from iScribble here... I've forgoten your email -shameonme- but anyway. Are any of these free? I would like a badge of my character Shadom. Please, show up on iScribble so I can get your email again -lol- I loved the last one ;) but all these are nice too, hee good worko!

    1. The last one is free at the moment. Wasn't Shadom a tiger? O-o Anyway, I gav you my email on previous answer, we talk about details there, mkay?! ^-^